Pension Fund Management

Many of our clients find that their largest single asset is their pension. We know that no two pension schemes are the same. This is why we develop a bespoke investment plan for each fund. This would include:

• A service tailored to meet the client’s / the trustees’ specific instructions.
• Working in collaboration with the clients/trustees, the actuaries and any other service providers if needed to define the IPS of the fund.
• Portfolios designed to meet appreciable risk-adjusted return, with our team proactively selecting investments.
• A performance benchmark devised to measure the alpha of the fund.
• Flexible portfolio allocations, adjusted according to client’s life stage.


Our pension fund management arm has gathered extensive experience over time and are well-versed in the management of different types of pension plans, be it DBs, DCs, etc. Our client base includes major companies operating in different sectors of the economy and encompasses regimes such as multi-employer pension funds. Our experience means we have a detailed understanding of the unique challenges and goals of each type of pension scheme.


We manage funds of our institutional clients via our open architecture platform into various securities (shares, bonds and other securities, e.g., CIS, ETF, Real Estate, Commodities) in order to meet specified investment goals and mandate of the pensioners, insurers, family offices or shareholders. Investment Committee meetings are set up regularly to review the performance of our clients’ funds. The risk-adjusted performance return across asset classes versus their respective benchmark and the total performance return versus our in-house composite indices are monitored and reported on a regular basis.