Our Partners

Afrasia Capital Management has privileged partners with 20 of the world’s leading investment houses.


Afrasia Capital Management also has strategic partners in key geographic areas to enhance our investment offering.

Motilal Oswal Wealth Management Limited

For the Indian Market - Motilal Oswal Wealth Management Limited is a member of the Motilal group which is a large and listed financial conglomerate with market capitalization of over USD $ 1.7 billion, with almost three decades of financial service existence, engaged in brokerage businesses (retail & institutional), asset management, private equity, real estate, wealth management, mortgage, etc. It manages around USD $ 5 billion and employs over 3800 people, directly & indirectly and services clients across the country and globe through various businesses.

(*Data as on March 2017)

Bell Potter Securities Limited

For the Australian Market - Bell Potter Securities Limited is a member of the Bell Financial Group of companies which is a listed financial conglomerate with market capitalization of about AUD $ 180 million. Bell Potter is one of Australia's largest full service stockbrokers and a leading financial advisory firm, offering a full range of services to private, corporate and institutional clients. Their extensive network gives their corporate clients extensive access to risk capital and their retail clients’ access to some of the best domestic public offerings of equity and debt issues. They provide corporate clients with professional and confidential advice, tailored to help their business achieve their strategic objectives.

Arche Wealth Management S.A.

For the European Market - Arche Wealth Management S.A. is a member of the Arche Associates Group which also include Arche Family Office and Arche Private Advisors. The group is run by experienced and accredited partners, which make the most of a regulated environment, guaranteeing stability and safety. Arche Wealth Management, created in 2013, is regulated by the Supervisory Board of the Financial Sector (CSSF) in Luxembourg. It provides tailor-made portfolio management services. Their team is totally dedicated to its clients and has extensive financial market experience, built with consistency and rigor.