Corporate Governance

The Board of AfrAsia Capital Management fully supports the principles of good corporate governance as set out in the National Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius 2016 (“the Code”) which is based, for now, on an “apply and explain basis”. The Board has always recognized the importance of good governance to ensure continued growth and success.

The Board Charter provides the terms of reference for the Board and describes how the Board operates.  As the focal point of the corporate governance system, the Board is ultimately responsible and accountable for the performance and activities of the Company.


The Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy outlines the ethical and professional responsibilities of AfrAsia Capital Management Ltd and of its employees, including those who advise clients and/or manage assets on behalf of clients. Ethical leadership begins at the highest level of an organisation; therefore, this code of conduct and ethics policy should be adopted by the Company’s senior management, Board of Directors and other similar oversight bodies. Such adoption sends a strong message regarding the importance of ethical behaviour at the firm. Rather than creating rules that apply only to certain people or groups, this code is intended to cover all employees of the firm.